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Fozzie Updates

This week we received a pull request to the Fozzie gem, which enabled developers to turn off the Fozzie Rails Middleware when used within a Rails application.

After some thinking I felt a better way to handle this was to abstract the Rails specific functionality into a seperate Gem, in the same pattern as the RSpec and RSpec Rails gems.

It also felt like a good time to promote Fozzie to Version 1.0.0, after some positive feedback I received at the WebPerfDay on Friday.

Therefore, Fozzie 1.0.0 is now up and requires you to add the following to your Rails application to monitor your Controller methods:

gem 'fozzie_rails'

If you want to use Fozzie in your Rails application, but without the Controller monitoring, use:

gem 'fozzie'

A big thank you to all who have so far contributed code and comments to Fozzie.